Note: The following article is a best-effort reference for our customers and is provided "as-is" without any express or implied warranty. does not provide detailed troubleshooting as these are potentially complex tuner problems, not unlocking ones. Please proceed at your own risk.


RACE = 109005*

STREET = #109006**

STREET USA = 209006***



RACE = 109003*

STREET = 109007 **

STREET USA = 209007 ***


NOT compatible with the 2013-2014 Power Stroke. This device requires additional unlock

For 2011-2012 Power Strokes (all tuning) and 2011-2013 LML DPF REMOVED tuning.

** (First series street tuner) compatible with the 2013-2014 & older Power Strokes, as well as all GM & Dodge. No extra unlock codes are necessary for any basic vehicle tuning as these are emission compliant STREET tunes.

Emissions delete tuning must be unlocked via a High Sulfur Unlock Code. Unlocks could be obtained only from H&S Performance using their High Sulfur Application. Any vehicle being used in the United States would be denied access to high sulfur tuning unless they had EPA approval.

*** (second series USA only street tuner) compatible with 2014 & older Power Strokes, as well as all GM & Dodge. These tuners have no High Sulfur or emissions delete capabilities. This device is strictly an Emission compliant Street tuner.

**** (International street tuners (for sales outside of the USA). They are basically the same as 109006 & 109007 . This tuner is High Sulfur or emissions delete capable. It still requires an unlock code to access the delete tuning capabilities of the tuner.

Race tuners Part # 109005 XRT PRO & Part # 109003 MINI MAX:

2011-2012 6.7 Powerstoke *All tuning for this model requires $100 Unlock fee (part 111005) to function.

2011-2013 6.6 LML Duramax *DPF Removed tuning for this model requires $100 Unlock fee (part 111006) to function.