Note: The following article is a best-effort reference for our customers and is provided "as-is" without any express or implied warranty. does not provide detailed troubleshooting as these are potentially complex tuner problems, not unlocking ones. Please proceed at your own risk.

If your H&S tuner is stuck in recovery mode, then it is trying to return the vehicle to stock. This may be caused by a number of issues including weak batteries. You may have success by attempting the following procedures:

Method #1

1) Disconnect the tuner from the OBD-II port and turn off the ignition.

2) Disconnect all battery cables.

3) Leaving the batteries disconnected, charge both batteries to full.

4) Re-connect the battery cables, install tuner and turn on ignition.

5) Select Diagnostics and clear any codes.

6) Select Install Download and follow the all of the prompts on the screen with the exception of turning off the ignition. Press Continue while the ignition is still on.

Method #2

1) Unplug your tuner cable from the OBD port that supplies power.

2) Slowly plug the cable in until the tuner beeps, ensuring only the two longest (power) pins make contact with the OBD port. 

3) Once powered up press the top left button (menu) and scroll down to change the vehicle. 

4) Plug in the tuner the rest of the way in and attemp to tune the vehicle.