Due to the nature of unlock codes and their digital delivery, once a code has been generated and sent to you, it cannot be refunded because the code cannot be disabled. This is to prevent fraud from the very few customers who have tried to get the code for free by claiming that the code didn't work. 

However, the process of unlocking a tuner can be complicated and mistakes happen. In the unlikely event that the code doesn't work, WE CAN STILL HELP YOU.

Contact us immediately after your purchase and we will attempt to get everything straightened out to your satisfaction as much as we possibly can.

However, please be advised that refunds will not be given for the following reasons:

  1. Purchased a code somewhere else before the support team was able to contact you.
  2. You purchased the wrong code.
  3. The tuner unlocked fine but there was another error afterwards (this is a tuner issue, not an unlock code one).